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One Client's Story

We had a new small business owner that is a licensed contractor contact us looking for a small business bookkeeper or an Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

The business owner needed business financial help closing their books to file their taxes for the prior fiscal year. They wanted to ensure their bookkeeping practices were accurate and the financial activity for the business was entered properly into the QuickBooks Pro software.


After a short consultation, it was clear this business owner was extremely busy and because they were being pulled in several directions some key administrative practices had fallen through the cracks.


The payroll taxes hadn’t been filed correctly throughout the year and there were issues with how they set up their chart of accounts in QuickBooks.


We were able to assist the client with resolving the payroll tax issues as well as cleaned up the chart of accounts so moving forward they would have a better road map when entering the businesses debits and credits.

We also provided some alternatives to help them succeed at managing their bookkeeping practices going forward.  Instead of waiting until the end of the year to verify their bookkeeping practices, it was decided that The Books Plus would come back quarterly to check in and see how things are going, review the financial statements of the business and answer any questions they may have as it pertains to the business.

This will save the business owner time and money, as they will be on top of their bookkeeping practices throughout the year. Additionally, they will be equipped to file the business taxes without having to undergo a complete fiscal year review which is time consuming and costly.

Client Testimonies

​"The Books + is the perfect place for your business and accounting needs.  Amy, the owner has superior knowledge and an eagerness to use that knowledge to support her clients.  You can't go wrong by requesting their assistance with your business."

-Barbara "BJ" Stolpman - Bookkeeping Logic

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