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In the past decade bookkeeping software such as Intuit, and QuickBooks has led many business owners to believe they should keep their own books. The fact that you own a business means that you are probably used to doing a lot of things yourself in order to save money. It is common for small business owners to try and keep costs down wherever possible.

Most small business owners feel basic accounting is something they should be able to handle. Even if you can navigate the programs, bookkeeping for small businesses has grown increasingly complicated as tax laws, compliance issues, and accounting for small business rapidly changes. As a small business bookkeeping specialist and Intuit ProAdvisor, it's our job to help clients stay educated on changes as they take place.

If you would like to receive regular updates and advice on bookkeeping, small business accounting, and other back office issues, please join us here as we  answer questions from business owners just like you.

Save time and money with The Books Plus - Your local bookkeeping services for small businesses - and more.

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